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New Fake Toons

Be aware, new Fake Toons are around. To prevent loss of items:

Check the LEVEL
Check the Name
Check the Clan
Ask them a personal question and see how they react.

Again, High Level players will never ask for your AMMY.

Report any behaviour to OTM, screenshot it and provide if you can, the GAME TIME. OTM will take quick action against imitators.
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Re: New Fake Toons

I will ask for your charm tho nighty o.o

On a more serious note i hope none are impersonating me again lol...if anyone does see me asking for gear in castle please know that i dont play arawn server and have no reason to ask for anything...lol
Ventius - level 222 noob ranger of Enigma
Ventius - some level 227 noob in badabing

Your newest blue name who has dreams to one day be purple

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