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The collection :)

I'm buying charms for my collection :) I like any charms and don't care aeon or non aeon although aeon will help ease the gold in my pockets. I can pay with gold or items. I'm gonna try to get 1 of every type of charm possible (so like one spectral, one necro, one guard, one enchanted armor guard, one gele wizard, one boggan, one firbolg, one...) This does include charms from the charm shop, although I'm going to focus my resourses on the charms from before the charm shop. Some of the charms I need are:
Cosmic Wizard
Enchanted Armor
A charm from the old catacombs shop (so like skeleton, wraith etc)
A charm from the crookback hollow shop (any crookback)
A connatch charm
A frost faerie (it's like the blue version of the tor caith faerie)
A darkfell pict charm/ draken looter or anything from that shop
An original imp charm
and many others I'm probably forgetting.
I probably don't have enough gold for this XD
I will make a youtube channel following my adventures to get one of all the types of charms. At the end, I'll show all the charms I have collected :)
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