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Buying tings

I am buying the following:
A golden growth charm
A mount (preferably a boar or unicorn, I will also buy a cloud/sled/carpet/any old mount from 2011 ish to 2012)
Cool items from old events (like pumpkin head, sunflower wand, snowman head, snowball wand, and other things)
Cool charms (aeon or non aeon are both fine)
PM me in game if you have anything you'd like to sell to me or reply to this message. These are all pretty much for personal use and not for resell.
-THEONLYDICE, Chieftan of Cult, One and ONLY Cultmaster of Arawn, level 70 druid that sits in the castle all day,

"De wae is to merch until your stomach wanna perch and then you forgot that you're still level 5 with a bunch of lvl 190 lux...."

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