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Re: Maelstrom Clan

Excuse me, but does that mean I'm fired...? I'm sorry, I'm Jeff the intern, just moved in from marketing...Man, designing all these banners advocating for Shadow Queen is a tough job...don't even get me started on how the engieneers made a warthog staff for her :( I 'm new, and was shadowing under melinda the secretary the other day, and I was never given a task sheet... Hello...? You still there?
-THEONLYDICE, Chieftan of Cult, One and ONLY Cultmaster of Arawn, level 70 druid that sits in the castle all day,

"De wae is to merch until your stomach wanna perch and then you forgot that you're still level 5 with a bunch of lvl 190 lux...."

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