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selling this brace. I am accepting gold and chests on epona. And no i am not selling the rest of my gear. Thanks
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Ventius - some level 227 noob in badabing

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Re: Selling

Hello, i a selling a pink barding of frostbite. every heroic elixer in the game. Pink huntsman mask with spider silk top and legs. Bardings including clours yellow, pnk and turquose.
Selling auric aeon black tower guard charm. Golden blade of ice. If you need any of these pm me or talk to me on game. ;)
Star Shot- Ranger 100+

Sir Kendrick - Level 110 Warrior- Arawn - in need of clan
Karilios - Level 60 Mage - Arawn - In need of clan

Feel Free To PM me or talk to me on the game:)

Re: Selling

il take the oblivion rings vent :lol:
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