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Recommendations for Energy/Health Regen early level amulets?

Just wanting to know if there are any lower level amulets available that I could keep a lookout for in the auction house. All my characters right now are around levels 30 to 60 and I haven't gotten farther than level 62 just cause I have lots of trouble leveling regardless of class past level 40 in Shalemont and only gets a little bit better in Stonevale before going into a plateau again. If you could also give me tips on leveling if the grind gets slow that would be great as well ^^

Re: Recommendations for Energy/Health Regen early level amulets?

I recommend an ammy that gives you stats, not regen (unless if its a time lost one). I dont like the regen ammy from shale or castle because they dont give a lot of stats, only regen. Also its better to get a lvl 150 or 190 one as opposed to a lvl 100 one because leveling from 100 to 150 is a breeze. If energy is a problem you can get sigs and lixes.

As for lvling up, plateau in sv does suck, but I recommend to lix in sv/fingals until you get repeatables in carrow (you first get the quest from ow). Keep doing razor until around lvl136 or so. At around 120 (I forgot the exact lvl sorry) you get sentinels repeatables so you can do senti + razor rotation for 160k xp each time. At around 136 go past sentinels and do repeatables in sewers until around 146. After that you are on your own to lvl up.

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