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Hello :)

hey guys, u must have seen me on recently and im hoping to start playing again, but my warrior is messed up right now so i need to get my items on track so i can grind like an idiot for hours.
So im gonna be hopping onto the forums and am gonna try selling some stuff (again) and hope this time i get some decent offers :)
Im selling the following:

Giant hammer set, Red Blue Green
Swift cloud (60% speed increase) ---SOLD---
Sparkling shivercowl charm ---SOLD---

I am going to accept offers in gold. Im also willing to trade these for some items that i might need. E.g a good ammy, offhand and mainhand weapons etc etc, anything that helps. I dony have a good grasp on the current items and pricing so theres a chance i might get ripped off, but il take my chances, i left arawn a good world with honest people, heres to hoping that its still the same :)
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Re: Hello :)


Sell the golden one I gifted you and I'll find you and cut you!! :) :) :) :)
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