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BadaBing Clan Charter

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:11 pm
by Bitey
Greetings! Lately there have been people wondering how BadaBing operates as a clan. And to someone on the outside looking in, you may not understand how we operate. Please, take a look at our clan charter, and see if BadaBing is a good fit for you!

We are currently recruiting all members that would like to join our family. If you value fun, fairness, and family, we just might be the place for you!

Re: BadaBing Clan Charter

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:11 pm
by Bitey
I) Guiding Principles

Mission: BadaBing is a community of gamers that have come together for the purpose of creating an environment that is conducive to a positive and enjoyable gaming experience for our members in Arawn.

Vision: We strive to be an influential, positive force in the world of Arawn, leading by example with a group of highly skilled and responsible individuals. Whether we are loved or hated by others, we will be respected.

Values: BadaBing is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Our interactions with all players will reflect the high standards put forth in our clan rules, which are in accordance with standard MMO “Play Nice Policies”.

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Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:12 pm
by Bitey
II) Introduction

BadaBing is a longstanding guild in Arawn, which traces its roots back to its founder Bubbles in September of 2011. Guided by our founding principles, we are more than a group of people playing Celtic Heroes. We care about the person behind the avatar, and endeavor to ensure that each person joining our family feels welcome, and that they have the best gaming experience possible. Together, we are building something great.

Our goal is inclusiveness. We wish to be approachable by the members of Arawn, and lead by example through skill, dedication, maturity, fairness, and the ability to have fun in all things that we do. As an inclusive clan, we will take in the newer, casual player as easily as the most seasoned veteran and facilitate an environment for both to play together successfully. BadaBing will train member that need to learn, support members that need aid, and conquer all obstacles in our way.

We will be responsible citizens within our world. There are many other clans in Arawn, with many different play styles. We will work alongside these clans to promote peace within our world, forming alliances with like-minded clans. We will ensure that we will abide by the highest ethical standards, by enforcing our clan rules so that every person can have the most enjoyable gaming experience possible.

We will be respected. BadaBing is a group of amazing individuals that have shown dedication to their characters, and are skilled at their respective classes. Over the years, BadaBing has been at the forefront of transforming Arawn through developing tactics for end game bosses, attracting and retaining the highest level characters, acquiring the rarest loot items, and innovating clan procedures using technology and DKP. The contributions that BadaBing has made to Arawn have been numerous. As we abide by our own clan policies for fair play, we expect other clans to respect us in turn. If we feel that any of our members have been disrespected, BadaBing’s clan leadership will work with the leadership of the other clans to find an equitable solution to the problem. Just as we give respect to others, we demand respect be given to us.

BadaBing is an association of free-thinking individuals. There is a hierarchy within the clan for administrative purposes, but each person is a member of our family and thus all have equal status within the clan. Our strength comes from the input of ideas of every member; from questioning authority; and from treating every member fairly.

•We listen to and discuss ideas and issues that our clan members are having.
•We debate our rules and our role in Arawn, taking input from all clan members.
•We distribute loot fairly through DKP and our clan pricing system. There are no leaders arbitrarily choosing who gets drops based on favoritism.
•We help our lower level members level up, and get the gear that they need.
•We protect our members from attacks by rival clans.

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Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:13 pm
by Bitey
III) Code of Conduct

The following rules detail the standards that BadaBing has adopted for clan member behavior. Members who conduct themselves in a manner contrary to these standards may receive a punishment that may include a warning, demotion, suspension, or removal from the clan, depending upon the severity and frequency of the infraction.

a) Begging - No member will engage in begging for gold, items, plat, or account information. There is a line between asking if a clan member has any extra gear, and harassing other players for freebies. In BadaBing, clan members regularly give items to other players for free, and this is permitted. It is against clan policy to harass others for free items.

b) Scamming - Stealing from other players is not tolerated under any circumstance. This includes items, gold, plat items, and account information. Players who scam will be removed from the clan after a thorough investigation.

c) Hacking - Modifying the game files in any way to gain an unfair advantage over other players is not permitted. It is against OTM policy, and therefore any player that does this will be reported via the in-game support tool.

d) Harassment - Harassment is defined as specifically targeting a player or group of players to harm or inconvenience them. Because harassment can take many forms, a BadaBing General or Chief involved will make a determination as to whether or not a "reasonable person" would feel harassed and act accordingly. If you feel that you are being harassed, please contact a BadaBing General, or your own clan leadership so that they may relay the case to us.

e) Foul Language - Excessive use of foul language in an inappropriate context, including swear words, real-world racial/homophobic slurs, and other language that is designed to hurt, is not acceptable. The existence of the profanity filter is not a license to be profane.

f) Contested Spawns - In the case where two or more groups wish to kill the same NPC or hunt in the same area, the groups are required to compromise.

g) Arena Quests - It is not acceptable to kill others waiting for a NPC to spawn for an arena quest. Killing of another player waiting for the spawn may be done however, if that player initiates the battle. We do not start fights over Arena quests, but we will finish them.

h) Selling Items out of Clan - Clan members will not sell quest items out of clan. It is permitted to sell quest items to other players within the clan for the appropriate clan price for that item, or lower. Aggragoth items are not to be sold out of clan or between clan members. They can be traded to the clan bank for DKP, where other players can buy them for DKP. It is also forbidden to buy items at the clan price, and then sell them out of clan for a profit.

i) Loyalty - As a member of the BadaBing family, we expect that during your stay here that you are loyal to our clan. This means that passing clan secrets outside of the clan is not permitted. While it is permitted, within reason, to leave the clan and come back later, excessively doing this will be looked upon negatively. Rejoining the clan is permitted at the discretion of clan leadership, and depends on past adherence to our clan rules. Rules for rejoining the clan are discussed later in this document.

j) Maturity - Your conduct in game reflects upon the clan you are in. While we do not discriminate by a player’s age, how you act will be scrutinized. Actions that are looked negatively on include, but are not limited to:

•Spamming chat
•Typing in all caps excessively
•Immature ranting
•Inappropriate use of the Celtic Heroes forums.
•Inappropriate usage of the clan’s social media.
•Inappropriate language (Vile, abusive, sexual language. Racial, religious, political slander)

Penalties assessed for an infraction of these rules are determined by the clan leadership, and will vary depending on the severity and frequency of the action.

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Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:13 pm
by Bitey
IV) Recruiting

Recruiting will be done by clan Generals and the Chieftain, for characters over level 100. Characters level 25 to 100 may apply to our training clan BadaRTC (BadaBing Recruit Training Camp). An invitation to join the clan will be extended after a successful interview with a General or Chieftain, and the applicant reading and agreeing to the rules put forth in this document.

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Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:14 pm
by Bitey
V) Leaving the Guild

Sometimes, members may not feel that BadaBing is not a good fit for them. In the event that this person leaves, they are not to be treated unfairly by any member of BadaBing.

If a former member that was in good standing wishes to rejoin the clan, they can be reinvited by any member of clan leadership, with the approval of at least two Generals and the Chieftain. If there is an objection from any General or the Chieftain, the former member will not be reinvited.

Once a member quits the guild, they forfeit all DKP, and will start over at zero if they are reinvited to the clan.

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Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:14 pm
by Bitey
VI) Loot Rules

The principle of need before greed applies.

If any member of the killing group needs that item, they should state that they do. If more than one group member needs the item, then both should roll for it. If no one needs the item, then the person who looted it will keep the item.

If the group is a mixed group with other clans, current arbitrated standards will take effect for loot rules.

Aggragoth loot items are distributed by DKP. DKP rules are discussed in other documentation. There is no rolling for items, and there is no favortisim by clan leadership. Everything is controlled by DKP.

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Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:15 pm
by Bitey
VII) Clan Pricing

BadaBing maintains no clan bank. Each person is responsible for keeping track of their own items, and exchanging them using BadaBing’s social media tools. When a person needs an item, they will post what they need. If another clan member has that item, they will then sell it for at most the price determined by the clan.

This clan pricing is greatly reduced from the cost of what it is sold for outside the clan. It exists as a compromise between sellers and the buyers in clan. The buyer will receive the item at a reduced price, and the seller will receive some money for the effort it took to gain the item. This is to compensate the seller for their time, idols, and potions it took to get that item.

If the seller wishes, they can sell at a lower price than this, or give the item for free. At no time should the seller sell their item to a clan member for a price greater than the clan price.

Clan pricing is determined as such:
•Quest items with zero vendor shop value - sold at clan price, determined by the clan in a separate document
•Quest items with a vendor shop value - sold at the vendor shop price
•Armor/Weapons/Jewelry - Not mandated and is negotiated between buyer and seller
•Luxury Items - Not mandated and is negotiated between buyer and seller
•Platinum Items - Sold at a price not greater than the current out of clan market price
•Aggragoth Items - Sold back to bank for DKP, and bought from bank using DKP.

We respect and trust each of our clan members. This is why we trust them to maintain their own banks, and not sell outside of the clan. Members that do sell quest items outside the clan will receive a punishment of at least not being invited to participate in clan pricing, and at most dismissal from the clan.

If no one needs any non-major quest items (Dragon discs, Minds, Spaces, and Lions qualify as major drops), these may be sold outside of the clan. It is preferred that they are donated to our satellite clan BadaRTC, but it is not mandated.

Lux items and plat items may be sold outside the clan at any time without approval. It is preferred that these items are offered to clan members first, but this is not mandated.

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Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:15 pm
by Bitey

BadaBing Recruit Training Camp (BadaRTC) is open for characters leveled 25 to 100. We have established this clan as an opportunity for BadaBing members to get to know different players in Arawn, and help them on their way to becoming full members of BadaBing.

BadaBing members each will have at least one alt character in this clan to be able to help the trainees, and to teach them the basics of the game. We also help our trainees with item donations made from BadaBing clan members. There is no set level of donation, but donations are noted and looked upon favorably.

When a member reaches level 100, they are made a recruit in clan BadaBing. If a BadaRTC member fails in their evaluation during their time in the clan, they may be asked to leave and reapply at a later date.

Contact between BadaBing and BadaRTC is accomplished through our social media tools. This encompasses asking for items, help with bosses, general questions, and just posting for fun.

All of the rules stated above for BadaBing apply to BadaRTC, and we expect our BadaRTC members to adhere to them.

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Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:16 pm
by Bitey
IX) Inter-clan Relations and Treaties

There are many other clans on Arawn, with many different styles of play, and different ideas of how a guild should be run. We respect all of these guilds, and when possible, wish to work alongside them. For individual members of these clans, we will abide by our own clan rules and treat others with common human decency. When members of other clans choose to not return the respect that we give them, BadaBing’s clan leadership will reach out to that clan’s leadership to notify them of the situation. We trust that the other clan’s leadership will work to rectify the situation and take appropriate action.

There are many cases where BadaBing has entered into treaties and agreements with other clans on various subjects. We take these agreements seriously, and will work to enforce and strengthen these agreements. When a treaty is broken, BadaBing’s clan leadership will take all appropriate actions to repair this treaty, and restore peace between clans.