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The Ten Swords -- Juppongatana (十本刀)

After much discussion Tsubame and I split from Everfear and have formed a smaller clan of what will be a core group of players with the same ideas about game play. Juppongatana means 10 swords so the idea is that we will have a small group of heroes.

Unlike most clans our goal isn’t to build the clan with lots of numbers and we do not have a level requirement. We are not after clan domination or anything like that. We just want a tribe of great players who don’t take advantage of others are respectful of people are mature and want to play with like minded clan mates.

What ideas do we uphold? Well you can read my laws to get a little picture of how I play. http://www.onethumbmobile.com/celticheroes/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1271&sid=f08ab4fd13e40c22f45f5645fbbfe0ebThe clan does not have to live by my laws but it is important that building relationships, friendships, helpfulness, and respect come first. We want quality over quantity.

Our criteria is that we need to have played with you have talked with you some and know that you will uphold the values mentioned. We don’t want immature players that will be causing trouble. Also immaturity has nothing to do with age! For membership requests, We will discuss among ourselves potential new members before asking you to join. If you are interested in joining, chat with a clan member and we will discuss it and make a decision. Forum posting and being active on the forum is a plus.

We will eventually have 10 guardians to signify 10 swords

Clan Members: 97

This list is now static as of 9-2-11

Chieftains: Raven (Me) Ranger lvl 60 and Tsubame rogue lvl 57 :) I know Tsu is really a guardian but I would not have started this without her.
Guardian: Bronn, --Warrior lvl 59
Guardian: Zumuclyst -- Ranger lvl 58
Guardian: Drizzt -- Mage lvl 56
Guardian: Salrian, -- Rogue lvl 55
Guardian: Frank -- Warrior lvl 53
Guardian: FatalLegend --Warrior lvl 52
Guardian: Gysr -- Druid lvl 52
Guardian: Nightingale -- Druid lvl 50
Guardian: Tsunde -- Druid lvl 33
Clansman: Kooks-- Warrior lvl 58
Clansman: URMIL-- Warrior lvl 56
Clansman: Iv -- Mage lvl 54
Clansman: Xeon -- Warrior lvl 53
Clansman: Rawr -- Ranger lvl 53
Clansman: CapNCrunch-- Ranger lvl 53
Clansman: Warlex-- Warrior lvl 52
Clansman: Gereldar -- Druid lvl 51
Clansman: Asclepius -- Druid lvl 51
Clansman: booBerry-- Rogue lvl 51
Clansman: SisterTsu-- Rogue lvl 51
Clansman: Swiftstrike -- Rogue lvl 50
Clansman: Persephone -- Druid lvl 50
Clansman: Cooper -- Ranger lvl 50
Clansman: MADARAxTREME-- Warrior lvl 49
Clansman: Athos-- Rouge lvl 48
Clansman: Veener-- Warrior lvl 45
Clansman: Trix-- Mage lvl 45
Clansman: Tyrionn-- Ranger lvl 44
Clansman: Veeny-- Mage lvl 43
Clansman: Franks rogue-- Rogue lvl 43
Clansman: Druidzzt -- Druid lvl 43
Clansman: Legionare-- Rogue lvl 40
Clansman: Plug-- Ranger lvl 39
Clansman: Bear-- Ranger lvl 37
Clansman: Plug-- Ranger lvl 36
Clansman: Myrddin -- Mage lvl 33
Clansman: FatalDruid-- Druid lvl 34
Clansman: Xero-- Warrior lvl 32
Clansman: NarutoUzimaki-- Rogue lvl 30
Clansman: MasterOfPWN-- Warrior lvl 30
Clansman: Owl-- Mage lvl 29
Clansman: Rangerprime-- Ranger lvl 28
Clansman: Hellfire-- Warrior lvl 27
Clansman: LilRaven-- Ranger lvl 26
Clansman: HotHealer-- Druid lvl 25
Clansman: 8tigrams-- Druid lvl 24
Clansman: Cadet223-- Warrior lvl 23
Clansman: Raawr-- Rogue lvl 23
Clansman: Solarus-- Ranger lvl 20
Clansman: Primewarrior-- Warrior lvl 16
Clansman: Frankly-- Mage lvl 16
Clansman: Beastragerjr-- Ranger lvl 12
Clansman: cadet-- Mage lvl 5
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Re: The Ten Swords -- Juppongatana (十本刀)

Mr_Iv wrote:Wooooo... Nice Clan

Thanks IV I am really pleased with how things are going. We really have a great group! It seems like we are currently working on getting everyone Boss armor sets. I am happy that everyone is working so well as a team. Thanks clan members for making this clan a great one even though we are fairly new. I know that our world has had a lot of clan drama. My wish is that this clan be one that is drama free and be stable.....and stays around for a while. You all know that if there are any problems to seek me out and let me know. So far it seems that things are working out great. :D
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Re: The Ten Swords -- Juppongatana (十本刀)

i know i haven't been around as much anymore, but you guys make me feel at home every time! every time i come on you all seem to be getting along so well and i love that! Raven, you have been amazing as always. we couldn't be in more capable hands. i want everyone to know i am easily reached here on the forums, even if i go days without being in game.

i also want newcomers to not be discouraged in joining us! all you have to do is talk to us! we're all very friendly people. Raven and i love new players!
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Re: The Ten Swords -- Juppongatana (十本刀)

I have updated the main page with peoples rank and have added the armor needs. Today Nightingale was able to obtain a full set of Druid Boss Armor. That make three that I know of who have complete sets. I will be checking with clan members and will post your needs on the clan post.

Our Newest Member is URMIL Lvl 56 Warrior -- He has been around for a while and I think everyone knows him. Welcome URMIL
Xero is also a new member -- He played some before the update and we are glad to have him as well.

There are some other folks that I would love to have in the clan so we are not finished growing. In fact we need to discuss the recruitment of newer players (within our guidelines of course) I miss helping out some of the beginners :)

We have four guardian spots to fill so I may be promoting folks in the upcoming days. We need our 10 swords!

Thanks everyone you are all doing so well! So many have leveled up since last week! We'll take the update by storm :twisted:
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