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Re: Searching for 20+ Clans

Thanks for the responses. Maybe your correct. I haven't reached a level worthy of the catacombs yet. I do find the game more enjoyable if you find a clan to join that fits your style of playing. I'll hang around for a while and see how it goes. I too can't wait for the updates. Should be exciting once again..

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Re: Searching for 20+ Clans

Sundropkiss wrote:I'm new to this server and haven't seen but 4 players at the max. Was told that this was a great goup of people to play tbe game with. A little disapointed.

Oh hey SDK Arawyn seems really busy to me although a lot of us are planted in the catacombs. It also depends on what time it is. We have players from around the world so I have never been alone. (I'm an insomniac at times so I'm on at odd hours) Drop by and say hi!
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