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Everfear Blacklist

This is a blacklist of people who are permanently blocked out of Everfear, or at least as long as they are on this list. These players will be on the list until they gain forgiveness from the server or clan.

-Hasanjomaa, Scamming

-Killer54321, Pestering

-Kooks, Kill Stealing, Pestering

-Bandit, Endless Pestering, A lot more, way to long to wright out.

-Greenman, Bandits other account

-jJonny, Bandit again

-Minecraft, Still Bandit

-Cory, Hasanjomaas other account where he runs around as a naked girl to try and get other guys to online with him

-Analriter, Spaming , Pestering

Before anyone takes offence from being on this list. Understand that this has been discussed and decided with the clan and other members of the arawn server and it was not just me who decided to put you on here.
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Re: Everfear Blacklist

I can agree with you. I shouted that if anyone traded with me without talking to me first I would Block them. He did and I did. Unfortunately I innocently helped him and now he thinks I'm the games weapon and armor welfare :o . I think he's a bit immature though and a younger player so I will probably unblock him and try to straighten him out ;) Well see how it goes. Some of the other more immature players are getting the message (or maybe they just don't bother me anymore :lol: ) Anyway peer pressure will hopefully work for these people....but unless he changes his ways he is not Everfear material!
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