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Serenity is back and refinding itself.

In June: Numerous, numerous people in Serenity left game for breaks, quitting game, or lol like me, to move. And some people stayed around in a dead clan, and others made a totally understandable choice to move on and find either a new home or a clean break from the inactivity of June.

This isn't a post to bemoan or rehash that. It definately happened, and there is no ill-will toward anyone who felt the need to leave. That makes perfect sense to leave a clan if it really isn't functioning like one anymore. We wish you the best in yer new homes, and will remain yer friend's without doubt.

We have recovered some purpose and added a few members and refound a core active community. Nothing has changed in the clan structure, standards or rules, clan decisions are still voted on and given input for everyone.

This is simply a post to say we are no longer just barely hanging on...we are operating once again like the clan that we all joined for, and we are going to be playing for the summer and will see you all around.

Take care,

P.S Guardians include Zumuclyst, Kingowning & SirWinston if you are interested in approaching them to learn more.

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Re: Serenity is back and refinding itself.

Well i was one of the peeps who took a break then came back and quit clan due to super inactivity, after a really hard first week i found that i needed a clan so joined uskoci, i had a great time there and had alot of fun, but when i heard of serenity being remade, i was definately in cuz i find it the best clan to be in. Today i jsut got promoted to a clansman again :D and will be making serenity proud. I really miss night/rave though, withhout him the clan still seems to be missing something but the new guardians r doin gr8 covering that up. LONG LIVE SERENITY!! :D
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Re: Serenity is back and refinding itself.

I, like sandlander, joined Ukoci for a while. they're good people and have always been friendly to me and the rest of serenity as far as i know. so i'm sorry for leaving them but serenity is the only connection i have to the old world of celtic heroes. it's great to see people back playing, but i also miss my old friends raven and ana. it isn't the same without them.

Long live Serenity!
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Re: Serenity is back and refinding itself.

Heyo, Serenity was a great clan, Im glad its back, but I will miss everyone that was in it. I remember trying to join it at around Lv70 (which was in maybe December) and I was not let in, but I was told that in the nicest way. :) If my clan Overkill never goes inactive, I will do my best to try and get into Serenity or Uskoci.
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