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Order of Arawn

Hello my name is Salrian. I recently created a new clan called order of Arawn. We are recruiting and looking for new members.I am making it a light role-play clan. Role-play in clan chat is prefered but not required. We will have weekly meetings once we get more members. This clan is a family we are here to help eachother rank is based on character not level. If you would like to join post your name here or message me in game (Salrian). You must be active! I hope you join and have lots of fun. :D

Re: Order of Arawn

Hi Im wolf from Wolves and I would just like to wish you luck with your recruiting process. I hope you turn into a strong clan.
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Re: Order of Arawn

I met Salrian in game today and we spent a lot of time fighting skeletal nasties together, both leveling at least once during the session. He's a good guy and I'm pleased that he invited me into the clan. I look forward to meeting and helping more members as our clan grows.

And if you're just getting started on a low level character, whisper to me in game. I'm happy to share gear I get from drops.

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Re: Order of Arawn

i just want to say congrats on the new clan. :D

i'm seeing a few of you venture into death's caress so that's a good sign! welcome to our world... :twisted:
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