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Ranger noob

Hello, i am a sorta ranger noob but i am learning If u are a strong ranger you might be able to help me I used over 7 books of alt to try out different skill combos so far the best one was Longshot 15/15 Sharp shot 15/15 light heal 13/15 rapid shot 1/15 I tried barbered shot but only did 14 damage p...

Selling and Buying or Trading

hello i am selling Blue Crest Purple crest Yellow Crest Witches pitchfork, 5% proc chance 2 hero Health regen lixers Yellow tree charm Buying Ranger rings that are from greater or over(no rings of rapid shot, sharp shot, bolas, barberd shot, ect.) Blade leaf set, or storm leaf set Trading A blue cre...

Re: Buying

guys when i say 3+ i mean i want the ring to be royal, grand or greater.


this is the list of things i am buying

shadow striker rings 3+
riposte rings 3+
double attack rings 3+
poison weapon rings 3+
fast reflexes rings 3+
any kind of jewelry that adds focus
that is it please comment if u have the item, i currently have 10k

lvl 82+

need help

hello i need help
i have a rouge lvl 81 and i cant find a good place to lvl where i wont have to go heal in the tavern every 3 kills.
I dont have much money (i only have about 1k now)
please help me i ned to know where a good place is to lvl

lvl 81

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