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Tome shop

So i usually sell stuff to the tome shop...like 120 times a day. Now he tells me i have to go discuss something with Lord Maclir about crookback, i go and he tells nothing, anyone know what to do?

Making sure

So i want to make sure i got everything right, Yule end on the same Ostraga starts, correct? Still farming purples and want to make sure im not under working here because yule ends sunday or something

Re: Tips

Im sure 100 armor is not better than 15% hp kite but i would rather get that than spend 2 mil for 15% hp kite

Re: Tips

Bitey has a guide missing only a few present locations if you don't know where they spawn Picking them up as you do other things works less well than timing the spawns and picking them up nearly as soon as they spawn. The blue and purple get picked out untill everything respawns as red. Keep on top...

Re: Tips

ThyraUnited wrote:There is a sale on event chests Friday...NOT the event ending yet but that does mean it will be quite Soon

Tips are still appreciated :D


So with the event ending friday, i started to panic
I still need 20 purple presents for the 100 armor kite and I have to get those in 2 days. Other than buying them, do you guys have any tips for farming purple presents?

Re: Gold worth

No, gold will never be at that point, perhaps Plat one day if the servers are filled with limitless plat items, And Drops, since you know everything respawns... Items will loose their weight in gold, and that leads to gold will not be needed that much anymore but the worth stays same 8-) Aloah! the...

Gold worth

So I'm sure mostly everybody knows that in the real world, if there becomes too much of a currency, its worth drops. I was wondering if that could happen in CH. We do get infinite money from killing mobs so you can't consider it impossible. I know that new update items are bought from the shop which...

Re: Prices Going Up?

Sulis plat prices combos- 8-10k but very rare xps-4k hastes-2k alt books-10-100k reb books-10k idols-10-100g restos-200g 100k????????? For an alt book Just noticed that. If alt books go for 100k ea I am moving to sulis. Even that 10k is really high. For 10k is minimum on Sulis for alt books, 100k i...

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