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Re: Something has to be done

Let's not try to derail the thread and start talking about Divine Strike/Crit hacking shall we? On that note, can we get somebody with a reasonable knowledge of servers-n-shit to stand up and call BS on this accusation? This kind of thing is generated server-side so unless 1337 have hacked the serv...

Re: Best class

This is true unless you are playing on Sulis. We have too many druids. Many people created druids as their second or third character due to shoratge, now not as much need. Clans will not always look for a druid. Some may look for dps to help lock or kill, some may look for tanks. All depends on the ...

Re: Scammer warning

Thats a major scammer on Epona? Should i list off the items the best known scammer scammed off on Sulis? 20+ rare mounts (clouds, celestial staffs, ect.) 40+ event lux jewelry 20 mil+ in pure gold And much more i believe There was also another player who was respected and trusted who became general ...

More than one lux equip?

So me and my clan noticed that the rings and bracelets don't say anything about only one being quiped at a time. Does this mean you can quip 4 100 vit/100 str rings at the same time? We did not test yet ourselfes but wanted to see if anyone else has. Anyone tried this?

Re: Extremely surprising

friddoo wrote:Firstly what level are you as a ranger

Second did you test this on a high resistant boss? Proteus/gelebron/mordris/Necro? Or was this on training dummies..

Lvl 156 and tested on many differenr mobs, result was just about the same.

Extremely surprising

So i got a bunch of favors from bounties and got two alt books. Decided to play around and see how much otm 'buffed' dex skills. Reset skills and maxed sharp shot, long shot, double shot, light heal and steady aim. Was extremely suprised at the result. with normal bow, sharp shot hit 500 over double...

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