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Re: I need your help with the Legacy Boss List - Gotta Catch 'Em All!

So many to catch up on. thanks everyone! when I get some time I'll add all these in. Also have to add in this one. http://i.imgur.com/efNK5CG.gif 6uTQh8wp51c Getting the feeling each weapon boss doesnt spawn seperately...same area a hammer dropped They actually do spawn separately, but some of them...

Nice Touch

just found a fishing spot named "Wise waters" that when I defeated the water I got around 10 bars worth of fishing XP and levelled up. Nice you included a version of scholar mobs in fishing, gj

iPhone SE

Has anyone tried using the iPhone SE with Celtic heroes? if so how does it run? I'm considering getting one ad they look pretty solid and is only $400

Re: A new side to Lugh

I got a few questions about this system 1. Since this system relies on participating clans rolling for drop for the clan to redistribute depending on the clans systems, will clanless people only get to roll for their class? 2. In the event that someone runs with items or stuff like that what will ha...

Selling and taking offers

Taking offers on - 85% Sages colt horse
- 95/40 Spirit glider

All heroic lixs cept haste, combo, xp - 1k ea
1k restos - 200g ea 200k for all
1.3k idols - 200g ea 260k all
Loads of sanghal fashion up to purple - Pm me

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