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Introducing myslef

Hi guys,I'm from epona and I don't think I'm felling epona anymore. It's very anoying with all this high lvl drama going around and such. Well im bringing a friend over as well so it's me and her. We have done some scouting and this world seems filled with lots of love. I can't wait to meet y'all. M...

Re: Video compitition

Also, I forgot to add this,those who want to loan an item I will be giving them another item worth the same amount. Exp:u give grimore offhand book ill let u use my poisin dagger at same time.

Re: the misery "new order"

I'm not shagg,zenoid or alexxxx,but this is my opinion. You can have a group standing by a boss,but I don't think that that makes the boss yours. If another group comes and kill Boss before and gets first hit I would think its there boss.ksing is usally when somebody has STARTED killing something an...

Video compitition

Hey guys,im entering the video contest that C.H. Is having. I need backgrown people, main characters and extras for it.!!! Here's a list of parts: Faire queen,crookback king,human king(wich I'll be playing),3 any class people in full diomond or quartz armor, head Mage(I will play him too,but I need ...

Re: Who they are

Yeah, like the few friends I trust realy well. I would let them do transfers for me in a heartbeat. Like Rachel,lupa cookie rogue and few others.I know they wouldn't scam me. :!: And it's an honor to know that whenever u do a transfer for somebody that they trust u enough to do it.

Re: Who they are

Totally agree shag. But transfers r still needed
And there those who u can totally trust without doubt.
And I also any wait for the send to system. It will help with so much like save time lower scamming and such.

Who they are

I just wanted to make a list of all scammers on epona for all of those who r new r very gullible. If there any that didn't mention plz add to list Let's start with obvious one: Vin,baron,and any other vin alts Let's see there also: lucuspugs,drakecos,3ned,brucelee,beady, Dawningsmage, not dawnings w...

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