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Re: What to do???

I'm sure if you ask them they will mail it back to you shadow, can pretty much guarantee it if they are in Seed and a lot of those outside of clan still have good ethics when it comes to this stuff.

Re: RIP Resurgence Arawn

@Loca cola DragonSouls is NOT dead or dying. We are growing and holding our own. Res is NOT killing us off...We have mutual respect between our clans that we do our best to maintain. When we kick someone for being annoying or awful, we advise braves/Res not to recruit and they do the same-We have g...

Re: Hi crom

You are the dweeb.

There was 47 on but that was with dual/triple loggers and a few couldn't reach the floor. Was definitely a lot of people though

Gele Down on Crom

Today Seed of Crom finally downed Gele on our second scheduled attempt. Managed to get 47 online and with some help from a few out of clan we finally downed him. Might be one of the last to do it but still a huge accomplishment for our clan. Thanks to everyone who helped :)

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