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Re: Rings

Armo wrote:Wish shad played again.


Wish I did too but I got school/work/social life. Feelsbadman

Re: Rings

wifi124 wrote:You should start playing again :) to name a few myself Invaded, 0 and Themanpile have started up again and there are lots more

Lol invaded is back? How come there haven't been any rants on forums about destroying seed.

Re: Remember when...

Lol I completely forgot about that until you mentioned it. remember beast walkers? i remember killing a green beast walker and it dropping an emerald ._. i sold that for like 3k and could afford a peice of redclaw and i felt op Beastwalkers and direhounds aha Beastwalkers and hellhounds* First memo...

Re: Looking to buy

PurpleRain wrote:
Shadowbolt2 wrote:
PurpleRain wrote:Zac what happened to the black mask I sold you?
Also HEY!!


Been in school and took extra classes. This way I can take off a semester soon. Going to Hawaii and I'm coming back to Celtic.

Wooooo can't wait!

Re: Cheapest

Haven't really tampered with the other classes past 100ish, but out of my rogue and mage I have found my mage to be much cheaper. This may be due to the fact that I have had extremely good gear provided from my clan that wasn't available the first time around with rogue, but there are some basic rea...

Re: Only in CH

Redbeard wrote:And yes, my tank has a very hard time holding aggro on 195 bellow and some more mobs where 1 person is doing a lot of damage. That combined with taunt missing as often as it does is frustraiting, I've complained about it before.

Ur just a nub tank ._.

Re: Server Shopping Guide

Server: Crom Clan: Seed Requirements: No set level req (obviously high enough to be helpful tho, usually in the 190+ range) Gear System: DKP, rolls only on event bosses (excluding skain/gara sets) Seed is full kind and helpful people who love to help one another. We do not support or accept any grie...

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