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Re: Shadowbolt3 is a dweeb

If you look up the definition of dweeb it says: shadowbolt3 :lol: In all seriousness tho, im not even sure what a dweeb is. Its jst a joke the two of us have had for the last few years lol Is this what happened if I lvl 220+?. If i play too much celtic heroes i would say a word i didnt know what me...

Re: Revival Chests

Of that 3% Look at what clan and server they were from. My whole problem is that the same group who steers the developers (by an organized effort) keeps everyone from achieving their status. I was about to drop a couple hundred bucks in the revival chests on my server on donn, but I am now second g...

Re: Revival Chests

bob the mage wrote:
Knightime wrote:The words limited time items must mean nothing to new players. What limited time means is that it's there and doesn't come back.



We want revival chests back!

Re: Revival Chests

Worst decision , We platinum buyers run your game. As long you don't provide us with something we like we aren't gonna spend on those rubbish chests. Adding them for one day and delete because some complains is bs , Was planning to spend more than 3.8k$ , now it's nothing and will always stay. Play...

Re: Lost account

Hi, I have lost an account, and it was years ago I had played on it. I have most of the info that can prove that i own it as well. Only problem is I havent played in years. So this is my recollection of things, and Im sure the account says its been inactive for years now. Thanks for checking it out...

Re: Thinking of moving here. How much would this cost? (Havent decided if I want to be an ice or fire mage)

Royal ring of firebolt Royal ring of firestorm Royal ring of fire attunement Royal ring of firestorm Grand ring of firebolt Grand ring of firestorm Royal ring of ice blast Royal ring of ice attunement Grand ring of ice attunement Grand ring of ice blast Dark grimoire of health/fire (lvl 110 require...

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