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Re: Hey forum administrators

Whoever u are , how dare u insult me by warning me when these trolls all jump on me. Maybe I'll just have to spam report every one of them? Instead of being lazy go read. Or play the game and fix it. Your just a board moderator. Nothing else. Don't talk Down to people just Bc u think u have some so...

Re: Enough with the AH BS

We, as in literally everyone (except boymclir) have been asking for commas for ages. Today a clan member got scammed 2.2m buying 8 pet tokens, they were making a rush buy before they had to head off to a boss and only realized after it was too late how much they lost. For reference, 8 pet tokens go...

Re: Emperrors kick me for no reason

Hi guys, Im new in forum and just want to share my story. My phone was stolen so i need to buy new one. Install celtic heroes and login my account but i was shocked that i dont see my lvl 152 rogue on lir server. I wrote OTM and after 1 day my account was recovered. Thanks OTM. Im so excited and i ...

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