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Re: Where is the rogue class advantage?

Yes I loved meteoric dagger. But heres a neat trick. The lower the health of the mob, the stronger the dagger you want. Say your taking on 1-3 star mobs, youd use diamond or winterking. And for 4-6 star mobs you should use a quicker dagger like meteoric. I dont use diamond much cause its slow as mes...

Re: Where is the rogue class advantage?

I just tryed it. Spent a good hour on this. Highest I hit was 1638 and im 120. I have 23 level on you. I have 315 str and 357 with diamon add ons. I keep using meteoric dagger and its hitting 1200-1300. Sorry Hazoid. I just didnt beleivve there was a lvl 97 rouge that was hitting the same as me.

Re: Shameful lies

Well I don't hear much about this. When did all this happen? I remember a few rough patches when Skull left Avalon and then i joined like a day later, and a little aggressivness when meteoric came out but that about it. What avalon member did this? I dont ever see anything mean anymore. I usually he...

Re: Rend consistency

Hahaha talon dart is somewhat correct. I have Rend maxed out. It helps on 3 star mobs. I love rend. I used it often in Update 2 when I was using Winterking dagger. Rend does take into consideration on speed and damage. It is a little bugged i think. Most of the time my rend will do like 260+ damage ...

Re: Wow hold up...rouge tanks?

I tend to Tank even OW boss occassionally. Like bubulus which isnt hard but ive tanked Scion and All-seeing eye a few times. with 2k health and decent armour its getting easier to not die with proper heals. I have done All-seeing eye with just me, a mage, and a druid.

Re: Dal Riata: Land Of The Fallen. ****ADMIN READ****

I also agree with teaweasel. It's just the same thing that the game is about. Fighting the exact same thing all over again would get very boring. I like the idea, but it makes no sense to keep fighting the same thing again as a quest when it's actually the plot of the game. Everythings against you i...

Beta Testing

Dear Administrator, I have been wondering about beta testing. I am pretty sure it has started already because the new patch in febuary is coming up. I would like to know how to sign up for beta testing. I have beta tested before like the need for speed online game that just came out. Is there a cert...

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