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Re: ice blast or firestorm

lol...really?!? firestorm is the best thing that ever happened to my mage so far... :lol: made her a lot better...well im fairly new any how. so lets us see how it goes...any tips for a starting fire mage like me? :D

Re: why?

There's no reason to quit just becuase you get killed in the arena... Sure it may be annoying to constantly be killed over and over, but the point of the arena is to encourage PVP fighting, with the goal being that the winner gets the XP from the Glad. That may not be EXACTLY how its handled here o...

Re: ice blast or firestorm

For me, choose Fire storm. damage isnt visually good than ice blast but the cooldown and efficiency is far better. Ice Blast is a superior damage inflicting skill, but if u missed. ur dead ;) This is very true. Firestorm is a drop from a certain boss...hmmm...forgot which one but perhaps u can ask ...

Re: Enjoying so far in Lugh

XxROGUExX wrote:Welcome to forums and hope to see you in game once I'm playing again. :D

I think I already saw your avatar or might be someone with the same name... ;)

Looking forward to seeing you in Lugh!

perhaps you can help me level or help with a quest or two. :mrgreen:

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