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Re: Game Dying?

Yes, this game needs huge improvements, there may be fishing or auction house but it is still not enough we need much more vertical content. I have been playing less ever since I changed from IOS to Android and now I am on hiatus until more content comes out such as the IOS and Android crossover, so...

IOS and Android cross over?

I have been inactive from the forum for a while now and recently in game as now I have a Android device and I have to start anew. I miss playing on IOS which made me realize... What ever happened to that IOS and Android crossover that was in this post?: http://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f...

Re: Warrior tank showoff

@Dilvar explain to me how that is bullying? You suck bro, its a competition. It has nothing to do with you but yet you care so much by telling everyone 'ohh dill will be jealous now' and whatever you talk about me. If iam immature, let me be.. If you have a problem then back off or pm me.Why should...

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