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Re: Developer Update: Cross Platform / Servers / Beta

Dang, no one can be satisfied. They have been working their asses off on the updates and all you do is complain. Wait until the update before you start complaining. +10000 people are so ungrateful now a days. Come on guys... OTM has worked hard on this, they deserve recognition even though that lag...

Re: Support not answering

I sent this Mail on 29th June as you can see, my account username is mentioned, not my characters name as I have two characters on this account. It is still not enough information for appeals. Also, you should not reveal your account username on the forums instead PM Muldar, you seem to have enough...

Re: Tooth of Aggragoth (old item)

The Tooth of Aggragoth is used to rot in a bank. These posts were back around the time Aggragoth was the end-game boss. Interestingly enough, the teeth were originally supposed to be used for a dragon armor... It did not happen but in the end we got dragonlord anyways. Hey there, Will make sure his ...

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