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Re: Gold from prot

The reason might be because prot isnt a raid boss but rather, more of a DG piece boss. Prot is just like any other dl/edl boss but for DG with slightly longer spawn time. That is also why theres a base and prime, two different version, just like rockhide and snorri. And they all dont drop that much ...

Re: Weapon question :)

1. I assume you'll be training in carrow? If so then poison is the least resisted element for all the mobs in carrow. I suggest you get the offhand dagger that provides pierce + poison damage. But if you really wanna choose between ice and fire, I suggest you go with ice since you made the argument ...

Re: Double Platinum - Tomorrow!

How does the increased boss spawn help anyone other than end game clans. The lag effected everyone. Not just the end game. I’m not sure if this was the event you had planned for it but if so this was a terrible decision. I'm sure everyone can enjoy either fast EG spawns or double bounties or both. ...

Re: What Stage/Part Of The "Foods Of The Gods" Update Do You Think OTM Is On?

SecretSauce wrote:I think they're still working on making it worth our time... *Chicken curry: grants 10 strength for 15 minutes*

I get the joke and yeah otm should consider something interesting instead of boring old stats. Maybe like making bolas unevadable for 15 mins. Yeah it's class specific but just an idea.

Re: Lvl 120 Bow Help

Stick with your master twisted/meteoric bow and obtain frozen bow from your clan later on. Don't waste your gold on Low level shop equipments since you will grown out of them rather quickly. Both your twisted and meteoric bows are decent enough to let you cope till you get frozen.

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