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Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

Zyz and corrupt, you guys do know that they have to find a way to earn money right? Ch doesnt owned by your Father’s company. Tadah clearly said these are only some of the things they will work on. We can ask about our respective wishes in a well mannered way. Give the guy a break.

Re: CH100A Final Exam

1. 20% 2. Crim ( kinda ) 3. Eye of Crom 4. It can't ( how is this true or false question? ) 5. True 6. False 7. False 8. Caster > conflux > pureness 9. Brace > ring > conflux > pureness 10. Depends. She can just skip the bad rolls. 11. I don't understand the question 12. Double shot and double attac...

Re: DPS Warrior

Hey, I have recently switched to a dps warrior build from a tank build. i find i am dying to enemies is survived to when i was a tank at lv 103. I use skills Rupture (maxed out), pummel (maxed out), double attack lv 1, shatter lv 5, frenzy lv 5, giant swing lv 20, and sweeping blow lv 15. i think t...

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