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Re: Best weapons in game

I use a staff called bronze grand staff which does 17 damage and adds 15 attack. A few days ago, a clan member (Asclepius) showed me his staff. It was a scarlet grand staff. It was the same except i gave 10 fire defence instead of 10 fire attack. Not sure they are the best druid weapons though. EDIT...

Re: I need a shield

When the update came, I had 3 tower sheilds, but didnt realize that they were valuable now and i sold them. Now i keep finding people who are looking for them and i dont have them :x . Now your going to see that someone responded thinking that i do have one when i dont ;) .

Re: Alliance

Hey gysr is there any clans that you want to declare war on. These are the ones I've seen Kingowing, OrderofArawn, Odium, RaidersofArawn, RedBranch, Dragoons, NoobNation, FateReapers, HeadHunterZ and DragonRiders. I'm thinking NoobNation for staters just because Bandit is Chieftain lol. any in part...


Everfear Everfear is a powerful 35+ clan that has quickly risen through the ranks to be among the top of Arawn. We work as a team and help each other to complete any task and beat any enemy. You can expect any Everfear member to be friendly because of one of the greatest recruitment policies ever, ...

Re: Alliance

I'd be amazed if anyone could beat this combo. Not even Redbrach could when they were thriving :lol:

Re: Major update

Two new areas? Wow, I was only expecting shalmont ravine. Like Salrian said, mounts do sound amazing. In all games I've played before, you have to pay real money for the mount, so maybe platinum for them.

Re: ****RedBranch****

I'm the only member of the clan that's been on for days by what I know of, and ive been lifelessly grinding every night. I'm approved for beta testing too but I'm still waiting for my build. It's gonna be pretty unactive untill the update is released.

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