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Re: Spammers...

I have noticed plenty of these too. I think they are getting the job done though. I have seen quite a few spam threads taken down pretty quick.

Re: Calm

Probably would have done better if i posted this in support right? ;). Ill make a post for it there, assuming theres a better chance Admin will look at it.

Re: Calm

I think so, i figured it was gonna be like the rogues hide and give me a calm status or something. I tried casting it on others while they were in a fight, nothing. I tried it on enemies as they attacked me, nothing there either. I think its a broken move that others somehow never noticed. I doubt I...


Can anyone figure out what this spell does? I just used a book of alteration to take my points away from abundance to use this thinking it was a aggro remover. It doesn't do anything by what i can see. The description says: Surround the target ally in a calming aura, easing the enemy's anger anger t...

Re: Lv

Impressive, the highest level player in Arawn right now is 57. Your still quite a bit ahead, but better make sure ours doesn't catch up!

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