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Re: Post Your Favorite Bands/Artists

I have no idea what that even sounds like. Ill look it up in a bit. If its anything like i think, it reminds me of Eluveitie. Thats definitly some interesting stuff if you like irish folk stuff and metal at the same time. Ive been listening to a lot of carcass lately. They're album heartwork that he...

Re: Raven’s Laws

Wow raven, good job writing all that out. With all the immaturity we get on arawn, we need this. I don't even know what it might be like on the other servers. Raven has been known as the nicest player in arawn and is very well respected for it. That shows this works.

Re: -_Everfear_-

Its been done. Everfear is now a level 35+ clan. We gave up our size for power.
I am very sorry to all those who i booted for your level, please join again soon.

Re: -_Everfear_-

About everyones side accounts, I will probably just boot them to make sure that the clan isn't being polluted by lower levels. When new members join, they will want to know why they are in the clan and all. Fatal was talking about letting druids and mages in at 20+ because of how few of them there a...

Re: -_Everfear_-

Some of the clan has been talking about making Everfear a 35+ clan. Every member under lvl 35 will be booted if we decide to go through with this. We are currently the biggest known clan in Celtic Heroes, but this would also make us a pro clan.
Any thoughts?

Re: Patch on the way

Yesteryear unless admin creates a fast cast ice spell what do mages do in the meantime for fire enemies? fire cloak and firebolt are now no damage and ice shards is interrupted or u get mob to half hp with one hit from it? Mages melee isn't great and I kno I can't do anything with melee. Just a que...

Everfear Blacklist

This is a blacklist of people who are permanently blocked out of Everfear, or at least as long as they are on this list. These players will be on the list until they gain forgiveness from the server or clan. -Hasanjomaa, Scamming -Killer54321, Pestering -Kooks, Kill Stealing, Pestering -Bandit, Endl...

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