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Re: Gysr Returns!!!

Hey gysr the orignal Druid. I would wait till the next update to log on, most older players are burnt out with lack of content. Only high end players on spend their time glitching bosses then log off. To be honest it's not a high point in the game currently. Excited to see you again. Thats disappoi...

Gysr Returns!!!

Hey guys, I will be playing the game again within a week. I have been digging through the forums and see many of my old friends are still active and there are very many new players for me to meet. I look forward to seeing you all in the game and exploring the all the new features that I have missed....

Re: -_Everfear_-

I let Cooper back in because he told me that he was just trying to tell wolf to calm down. I asked spart about it and he said that Cooper didn't do anything wrong.

Cooper is abusing the Druids? I don't understand, what is he doing to Druids?

Re: -_Everfear_-

EDIT: last message just kept duplicating and refused to be Deleted, so I'll just edit it.

Thanks wolf. Cooper and Amp are both going to be booted and possibly blacklisted depending on they're behavior.

Re: -_Everfear_-

To ALL clan members. There are players having issues with how certain members of Everfear are using the shout button as they're primary form of communication. If I catch you doing this I will give you a warning. If it continues, I will boot you from the clan. We don't need anyone earning us disrespe...

Re: -_Everfear_-

Wolf, we are having a problem with our members right now bothering other people. I need you to tell me exactly who they are that bothered you to this point and what they did. Don't hold back on telling. I'm just curious too. You were a gaurdian. Why didn't you just boot these people yourself. You ha...

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