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Wolf of Arawn

Hey trolls :) I'm Wolf, affectionately known as Wolfie by some, and less affectionately known as Douche by others. Been playing since June of 2011, there was only 3 servers to pick from when I joined, so I was stuck on Arawn, jk's Arawn I love ya. I was a Mage tank in the catacombs days, but when st...

Re: Onethumb, I love you but you need to step up your game.

Hege your still a young one in my eyes coop :) jk Some issues -not enough quests for say: 80-close to 100 -even though I'm not a rogue, I can sympathize with how I felt when I logged into y Mage when stonevale came out. If they all hate it, something needs to change. -Unrestricted plate should never...

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