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Xfer from mabon to here

Sup people of epona, friend and I from mabon moved here to see how it is, made a war and mage, so if ya can lend any beginning gear :3 and xfering mainly gold and Lix from mabon to here

Re: Game play in Belenus

In Crom, we could easily kill off any other clan we want, simply because 80% of every clan would love to join us. But we recruit very minimally, to both ensure we get the best of the best, as well as to keep the 'rival' clans alive. The game would be way too boring with complete domination and no l...

Re: Griefing on Mabon

Not much that can happen at mord except for dragging adds, and a lot of wg do it, haven't seen many of us do it, only few but i do see a lot of wg dragging adds at mords, other bosses standing on ic does a lot and few others, few do it im elite ik but ic started that just saying

Re: Griefing on Mabon

Not trying to turn this into a flame war, so I'd appreciate you doing the same. The only really greifable boss now is necro.. So im guessing that's what this post is about. If you greif elite at all on it, you can't honestly expect us to say "well darn" and let Yall have a clean walk. Don...

Re: Decent stats and setup?

brian777 wrote:Depends on what you mean by decent...for bossing? Lvling? It looks pretty good from my view, if that's breastplate is obsidian I would suggest getting and beastbone chest since it gives more armor and adds sneaky dmg.

What he said

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