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Re: WolfGang of Mabon kills BT :D

What class got the kill? I've been trying to keep track of the classes so far, currently there have been 6 rogue kills, 4 mage kills and 3 ranger kills before counting which got on Mabon Arawn: 2 mage 1 rogue Epona: 5 rogue 2 ranger Morrigan: 1 mage Sulis: 1 ranger 1 mage Yesterday’s kill was an ic...

Re: WolfGang of Mabon kills BT :D

Congrats on the kill! Did you guys do the standard kill everything on sight or any other strategies you want to share? No, was very similar to the stategy that swee posted about how gwy killed, we had a vine group that focused on vines, right root (the one south of bt) was left up as poison root, l...

Re: Hows 6th Floor Raids going?

Mabon definitely has the man-power, it's just a shame that we have it all split up into 3 endgame clans, and seeing as how they don't all get along with eachother we are going to have some problems, so I'm guessing it's gonna take a while for us to sort it out... There's only 2 top clans, myrm isn'...

Re: As if not enough

Lol I don't remove friends, all the wg I had on my friends removed me when I left bc it was one of their rules but a lot kept me I don't even look at friend list anymore lol

Re: As if not enough

Rhinoking01 wrote:Bring it I like a challenge :) nub vhen won't even duel me and he has both edl dagger and Mord helm and I don't...

lol pvp is bs don't need to beat you to prove I'm better :p

Re: As if not enough

Legislative wrote:
Rhinoking01 wrote:What why would u join this server? Don't need to hear your catch phrases lol

k forget it i deleted my acc.

Man you coulda beat rad's ass

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