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Re: Witch Dead

They could have removed drops already don’t need a patch or update for that , if they haven’t don’t worry they can track who got it and remove, hope we get double the promised rewards now that we killed it twice :)

Re: We need another arcane carnage event (or similar) before 2020

Stay in school kids. A bunch of legacy bosses that drop mostly irrelevant gear are a bit different from gele and prot don’t you think? Lol :roll: Plus I never once said I was against arcane events. I said I was against having too many arcane events too frequently. Which is being against the event i...

Re: Witch Dead

I wonder what crack they are on when they design this It's a beta test, not a fully designed encounter. That's the problem. False stop misleading people, beta test don’t happen in live game And can see players from donn complaining about removing drops but if it was any other server who got it they...

Re: Witch Dead

Robert wrote:
Eragon123 wrote:the root method probably wasn't expected lol.

It wasn’t used.

Yes it wasn’t used I died so many times from witch hitting me , rangers so lucky standing safe out of aggro range

Re: Witch Dead

Difinitus has said to not focus on the loot. The main reason Bhea is in the game is as a test for a future global boss (or multiple, who knows). It's essentially a live beta test, with random items put in the loot table. Hard not to focus on loot when it dropped a godly dino ammy lol , 50%+ servers...

Re: Witch Dead

Sneakylistia wrote:At least four servers got drops including mine donn. But will be,interested to hear from vr on this as it also seems,that everyone got the same drops

Which 4 servers? And show ss of their drops , I think someone is trolling u

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