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Reset is Cancelled?


We saw the announcement that the maintenance is being pushed back 24 hours. I just want to confirm, does this mean there will be no reset in a few hours and the Skeleton minievent will be active another 24 hours?


Re: New event

Usually event content is mainly for solo players (wand quest, hat quest, cooking, minor goodies, lux, soloable event bosses) with the exception of the larger scale event bosses that drop endgame gear.

Re: Witch event opest

Last year's witch event was just a demoralizing mess. The top ~3 dominant clans/Epona claimed their crystals and won just by sheer numbers, 30+ people running around killing everyone just to farm PvP xp, so laggy you could only see a max of three players, all the event did was kick down the other 9 ...

Re: Testing frenzy

Nice experiment :) Frenzy lasts 60 seconds, and weapon attack speed is measured in milliseconds, so for a 3100 attack speed weapon you would expect a maximum of 60 / 3.1 = 19 hits. That maximum would be if everything were perfectly timed, so 18 is about the best you would get.

Re: Update

They should sell CH to a soley dedicated team. It's clear they can't keep their promises to support CH. Unless they have a weird definition of support, theyre unappreciative of the fanbase they've created. Mismanaging it into the ground it's just plain sad. I hate to say it but I agree, OTM was so ...

Fishing Statistics

After a long week grinding Tarnished relics at Stonevale Lake, I recorded various statistics from the journey. Hopefully the community can gain some benefit from this report. If any photos here expire, pm me and I will reupload. 1. Rippling Waters Distribution I fished from 5687 Rippling/Wise Waters...

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