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Re: Insults

XAPTMAH 88 wrote:
Eragon123 wrote:Naming and shaming is not allowed on the forums.

If you feel that another player broke the ToS, then you can report them. Bringing it here to the forums is not allowed by the forum rules.

where to report, inside the game?

Yes, or email support@onethumbmobile.com


Also, VR has almost no connection to the free plat offers. All they do is copy paste a few lines of code to enable IronSource/Fyber.

VR support can't help you, but if you email Fyber support they should be able to get it resolved for you, or tell you why you didn't get the plat.

Drop Rates for Bloodthorn, Dhiothu, Gelebron, and Proteus

Hello all, Our server alliance is looking to establish a DKP system, and have been simulating potential systems to tune drop prices and other parameters. We would like to have an accurate model of drop rates, however we do not have a historical database of drops from the endgame bosses. Do any of yo...

Re: Please reconsider Daily Rewards distribution - bring back Hunters Tokens

I felt it was time to get rid of the bounty tokens from daily rewards, however it is weird that instead of putting in a Super Traveling Elixir they put in Leystone Fragments... Almost no one uses Leystone Fragments, and a Traveling Elixir actually has use.

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