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Re: Why was this removed???

my brain hurts It was obviously removed from the boss because the loot is capable of beating hrung loot with a req of 180. oh but wait its also comparable to loot dropped by Gelebron... maybe thats why bruh Lol I would not compare it to gelebron gear, it's like a better version of the hrung dmg bra...

Re: Why was this removed???

There's tons of items in there that never made it to the live game. I think alot of drops in game currently are fine, they just need to remove the ones that aren't like bandage wounds mord braces, spring of life skulls, energy harvest braces, carnage helms, bones helms and all the weapon totem sword...

Re: Fishing and what else?

Why keep it a secret? This just builds anticipation and expectations and if everything isnt up to par in everyone's mind then you get community backlash. Because there is a lot going into it, if I post titles of everything going in without giving further explanation players may make assumptions abo...

Re: Full dex auto ranger

It really depends on how much attack you have already for this to be better or worse than full strength and it's only going to be superior on a couple bosses but will handicap you on others you might kill more often

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