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Re: Account Sharing

Altiarius wrote:
Mihindu wrote:I guess they could ban the account.

They do, account sharing is against the ToS

They have all of the IP's from the incoming connections, and if 5 accounts all have the same IP it's obviously account sharing, and if the IP regularly changes from half way around the world it's obviously being shared.

Account Sharing

Hi, I'm just wonder what would happen to an account that is being shared by multiple players, a clan on Sulis can all log onto eachother giving their clan an unfair advantage. It's obvious that this is happening and it violates the terms of service every player agreed to. So, my question is, what ca...

Re: Rogue Leveling Guide 1-150

Solo wayverns o.o!!! I don't think anyone could solo wayvern without pots I'm a level 148 Rogue based on Sulis, i can solo level 145 and 150 wyverns since level 140, i do this using a dex, strength vit build. Although, i only have a meteoric dagger :-(, i have earthstone armour and the stat bonuses...

Re: Druid wepons are unfair, see

I think I understand what you mean... So, the Druids are now saying that their frozen weapons should be more class specific, rather than their PROC being activated by damage be activated by heals. For Example: 5% Chance of Healing 2000 Health. But at the same time, Druids have advantages that the ot...

Re: New FFA guidelines??

Wow, sounds like you guys need a dose of Epona! Our world is awesome and generally most players try to have respect and good will. We also have the highest level player in game, Alexxxx, 153 Warrior - a spectacular tank and very kind player who in a way is kind of like our glorious leader. We have ...

Re: New FFA guidelines??

In my previous post i mentioned that there are a few players that have no interest in working out an arrangement. They are not in Retribution and are therefore beyond any influence i may have. Unless there is a complete buy in from Endure then there is no way that this will work. The major clans di...

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