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Re: The State of Sulis

Once again Robert you try and paint your clan as picture perfect and make everything else that isnt your clan not perfect. Maybe once you expose your clan for what it really is then you can start throwing shade. FYI dont generalize a whole clan over what some people say, each person represents a par...

Re: Ranger Advice?

Rangers are not hard to level i have been solo plvling my ranger since lvl 1 with decent xp and im 190 right now**
. I dont rely on restos but rainbow lix except no haste when leveling

Re: Stargem str ammy(skill+600attck) OR Runic Pendant (240heat dmg)

I'm stuck on the decision I want a stargem but theyre hard to come by It's nothing to fret over. If you have runic already, and are not that well endowed, then stick with it. If you have runic and have 5-10mil+ needing to be spent, then spend that 2m on that stargem. (If you don't yet have a dps pe...

Re: Something has to be done

This is completely true, knowing how petty they are they'll end up coming to defend their reputation denying all claims made when we've all seen them using their cheats. Many people have sent OTM and support messages regarding the issues but they choose to ignore it. STEP UP your game because this t...

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