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Re: This cool present spawn

Uhmm, this is strange but awesome. I went swimming and found this. I suppose this comfirms this is not a glitch and instead wad intended by otm? Oh no! I have been swimming and getting presents fro awhile now... Now everyone will know where it is.. LOL! It is probably a cool glitch and worth keepin...

Re: What's wrong with your class?

Rogues Energy costs of all skills are way to high if you have them maxed. Not alot of survivability during bosses, ive maxed life steal and bandage wounds gave myself 4k hp and still died 20 times at snorri and there was 3 druids there. Cant really out dps everyone without a haste on. Which that sh...

Re: Why do rogues call agro so quick

Im sick of no rogues on the server using distract. Its there for a reason. do you even have a rogue?? most of the skill points we get are put into all the dps skills: shadowstrike, qs, sneaky, assassinate, (sometimes) fast reflex and poison weapon, and riposte. we dont have enough points to put int...

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