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Re: Suspect 2 CAPTURED!

People can be one-sided to what they hear on the media. You only get one side to a story you hear, how do you know it's the EXACT truth? What if he was framed? (Evidence... were talking about CIA here they can manipulate the media just like that.) So rather feeling secure and 100% with what you hear...

Re: Suspect 2 CAPTURED!

That's the question everyone is dying to know. Why would the govermnent do such a thing? It's no use arguing about it but wil remain as an opinion. Since most people rather not look into it and be naive about the ppl who are protecting them. (Again all opnions) This raises the question further, was ...

Re: Suspect 2 CAPTURED!

But knowing how corrupt FBI/ World government's are (i mean no offence to amercians) and especially USA officals, it's possible it was a set up :'(

There's a lot of views to this, so your oppinion is always welcome :)

Re: Forum Game: Last post wins!

keridwyn wrote:Those guys work hard! and get crap from everyone.

Suhweet! Spammed my way to the 1000th post :)

Congratulations. You now hold the pride of the 'Competition Moderator' for the 1000th posts. Basiclly what you can do is moderate every 1000 posts, and then it gets passed on to te next person xD

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