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Re: 12 days of yule

Sure it's uscks for u guys I can see but why should that hinder them from the other players who play who from what I've seen on servers are a lot maybe they will give it to u guys or not it's just the way the cookie crumbles

Re: [FEEDBACK THREAD] iOS Destiny Engine & Yule (inc crashes

Dude please stop before a fight breaks out and just so u no u are cheating and u have admitted to it like serosully...it doesn't matter if u were the first you did it and got caught the fact the u just say u have 19 medals proves that u should be banned for not doing it but for just bragging about i...


Not sure that's really 100% against rules to calm tanks. If it's done purely to grief maybe, but if it's done to make you lose lock so the other clan can take the boss then it's strategy. Is it nice? Nah. But it's part of the game I don't even understand how this is strategy vs being a jerk. A clan...

Re: Links cheap sale

I needed 510k for a new full set of lux so yes I did to Rosa winter do I care how much it is owrth no it was that or I sold to shop but now I have a whole new lux set better then both ammys so I'm good

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