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should i drop posion wepon?

hey im a lvl 123 rogue and im asking myself the question should i.drop posion wepon cause i dont have many damage skills but with posion.wepon i.do more them 50 damage at a mob of lvl 125 my skills are shadowstrike 33/30 fast reflex 30/30 posion wepon 35/30 lifesteal 35/30 stats: 285 dex 175 strengh...

Re: Fast reflexes

I ve tested a full dex build with fast reflex and a strenght one without fast and i saw that with strenght i needed to use so much restos, such a waste of gold and i gaint 4 bars with xp haste and healt lix but i needed to use 10 restos for every lix. next my dex build i used 2 or 1 resto for every ...

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