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Re: Lvling spot

hey bugs :), go level at spiders or you can also try zombies. crookback and catacomb isnt a really gokd place! try shalmont you can farm gold by killing connacht and there will be also some detectors. i hope this will help! nice lvl btw:)

Re: Flint or Warden?

flint is better but you NEED to get also warden cause without warden no meteoric and withou meteoric no frozen. Choice is simple get the warden cause at the end you will get warden

Re: buying

chaos who are you just wondering cause you react on allmost all topics


buying purple crest of stag/hawk/bear/ grand boneshards
selling white huntermask
just send me a message in game or just react on this topic. merri cristmas all!

bone or frozen?

hey i am a lvl 143 rogue what is the best bone dagger lvl140 req or frozen dagger? I guess you want to know my gear also for this question. axe of triumpfh amulet of stars or necklace of the pyre 1 energy and healt bracelet royal aggy ring haste ring and royal lifesteal and grand shadow. ty if you c...

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