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Re: Mobile phones

Algebra wrote:or get a iphone :)

Like i said, i want an android, i have an iPad mini and an ipod touch 4. I dont want/need another Apple device

Re: The end?

For horizontal content, I hope that OTM makes more zones to level in. OaC has a bunch of zones that have mobs with similar levels, giving people a variety of places to level up in. In CH there are a limited amount of spaces, especially at the higher levels. For instance, if I want to level in a Fir...

Mobile phones

Hey guys, i am getting a new phone soon but i dont really know which one to choose, i am either going to choose a Samsung galaxy s4 mini, a samsung galaxy A3 or one of the newer hauwei phones, any tips and why would be appreciated. I dont have that much requirements but i it does need to be fast and...

Re: Event Chests

That's what you get for buying them instead of hacking them. Or are you false advertising with your username! :ugeek: :geek: :ugeek: :geek: I can't hack them i don't think anyone can YET i the one i use is completely different than the hacks everyone thins of Is it the guy from one piece? But anywa...

Re: Onyx and Obsideon Armor Worth It?

A quick question, if you don't mind, about your heal number there. I'm not sure what level you are, but with my natures touch at 31/30, I only get a max heal of 993. How are you getting yours that high? Are you a high level with it maxed at 50? If not, what items are you using to get it that high? ...

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