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Re: What are the chances

What are the chances out of these two spawns or in general? Because in both cases its completely different. Give me numbers and I'll fill Swan's role :geek: I cant give numbers because i dont have: Drop table of corvax Any spawn time idea, so i guess u cant really calculate that And the part that i...

What are the chances

Yesterday someone called my clan for prince corvax dreadbone, killed him won the ranger drop. Today i was scouting for bosses n stuff, spotted corvax again, killed him again, and won the ranger drop again. What are the chances of that??? Btw, anyone wondering drops were a h2h/vit ring and a conceal ...


I recently started playing here from iOS, can someone give me a small introduction about the server,
Big clans, plat prices, warden n meteo prices (the drops), and rares.
Much appreciated

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