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Good job otm

I just made this post to thank otm for the release of a cool new area and all new stuff. Also, it is great that such a huge amount of fixes is released, keep it going like this, cant wait to see whats coming further on.
Ps: please dont turn this into a bash post.

Re: ostra 2015?? im confused

Legislative wrote:
DontHate wrote:I could give the info but i think that would be beta leaking, however, only new area is gelebrons tower, which has multiple areas inside

delete that post mate

Is that also called leaking? Saying information which was said before by otm

Re: Newbie Druid Questions

You shouldnt buy any play, unless it is a double plat weekend and then the 8000plat one, so that is instead of your monthly, also i would try and get some type of energy regen, either an ammy, an offhand or an event mainhand.

Re: Druids...Unliked?!

You want atraighr answer? Druids suck. Bad at everything exept supporting at bosses want a better answer? the guy im quoting obviously does not know anything about the dang class. druids are amazing. there damage like you said is damage over time. and what takes time? bosses. I have seen druids get...

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