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Re: Buying Mage Rings

celticheroesfan wrote:Hi all. Im Terran77 new mage here in lugh.
I'm looking to buy a few items that ill list below. You can mail or msg me if you have any!

Firebolt - FireStorm - FireAttune rings
+3 - (50k)
+4 - (100k)
+5 - (150k)
Any aggragoth mage bracelets. (300k ish)

Thank you!

PM Sent

Re: Rare Boss Drops


Prince Corvax Dreadbone spawed two consecutive days this month alone.

Dropped a 65 damage rogue Ammy and a Spear Ring.

Still on the look out for more of these rare and definitely more exciting bosses.



Re: Castle noobs

Heya, Something to consider guys, there is a reason why we call them NOOBS.....coz they are. They have no idea that the things that they put up for trade are useless for people of higher levels. I have to admit that when I was starting, i kept on shouting "Selling rings and tomes" and thes...

Fiona's Shopping List

Heya, Here is my UNIQUE topic....lolz :D BUYING: White Snowbound boots and hat White Spooky Leggings and hat Royal Shield of the Wind (not priority) Ring of War Shield of the Bastion NEEDS: (for DL Helm) ;) Red Urns - 2 Red Eggs - 2 TRADING for GREEN Paws, wings and hearts Haves: Other Lir's/Fingal'...

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